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Screw Piles of the highest quality

No 4mm walls are used here. With Mark Joes Screw Piles only 5.5mm walls with Grade 350 CHS is used on all our single story residential installations, along with  Grade 350 helixes used instead of the Grade 250 helix, means Mark Joes Screw Piles are well above Australian Standards

Prompt and Reliable Screw Pile Installations

installer with over 15 years experience installing screw piles in West Australia

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Steel Screw Piles are the environmental friendly option over the commonly used concrete pile

No more 24 hour water hose soakings for each pile just to avoid any pile wall collapse before concrete pouring, that is wasted water, or when not enough water is used the collapsed pile wall along with minimum pile depth to be achieved  which leads to a lot more concrete required for each pile

steel screw piles also don't require dewatering when water table encountered.

along with other reasons this makes steel screw piles the green way to go in the West Australian residential construction industry

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